Who is Simon?


Ever since sometime in middle school I've been utterly fascinated by the fact that I can type stuff on my keyboard and make a computer do stuff. When it became possible to share my creations on the internet, for people all around the world to see, this fascination multiplied. Then the iPhone arrived and it became possible to touch ones creation, the fascination increased ever so slightly more.

Today the internet and apps are an integral part of our everyday lives. They are a part of almost everything that we do. Therefore it's incredibly important that the digital experiences that we come in contact with are responsive and work without making us think too hard. That means that web sites have to load instantly, work on a myriad of screen sizes and internet connections. With almost ten years of professional experience, and soon 20 as an amateur I can say that I know the web.

When not typing on my keyboard I play farmer-pretend on the farm I own with my wife. Or I might be in the forest with my dog or on a horse's back. There's a certain chance that I'm by the piano. Or maybe I'm locked in a dark room with a bunch of chemicals — developing film that is.

One thing that's for certain is that I am psyched to work with amazing people to realize their ideas. Should you happen to be one of these people, and I think you might be, don't hesitate to contact me!



2015.05 — current

My own company named after the place where I live. I do freelance web and iOS contracting work.

Sample Projects

  • kahnpedersen.se

    A simple WordPress site for the newly started law firm Advokatfirman Kahn Pedersen. I took the project from design to deploy and also wrote a detailed manual for content related tasks on the site.

  • antonsten.com

    Built with WordPress. With the plugin "Papi" Anton has the ability to rearrange and build custom pages just like he wants them.


Open Source

2008 — current

My GitHub account contains a lot of code that I've released into the open. Some of it is related to Ampersand.js but a lot is independent code. Here are a few of my favorites.

Sample Projects

  • Résumé

    The résumé you're currently reading. It started out as a simple idea to store my résumé in a presentation agnostic format, ie "pure data". This to make it easy to show it in different shapes depending on my current needs. Ended up being a simple static site generator.

  • Browbeat

    An experimental library whose purpose was to simplify cross window communication on a website. It uses the Bully-algorithm to elect a "president window". This is to better optimize the usage of resources such as web sockets.

  • Tala

    A self-hosted real time commenting system for embeding on blogs. Built with Node.js, WebSockets and LevelDB.

  • Ampersand Grid View

    A view library for Ampersand.js to easily replicate the famous Pinterest layout.



2013.04 — 2015.05

As the Lead Front-end Developer I was responsible for building up an entirely new front end application for bloglovin.com. As well as handling many API and back end related tasks.

Sample Projects

  • www.bloglovin.com

    A Node.js application that managed communication with an API to get user data and render HTML using Jade. At its peaked this application served about 30M unique visitors per month.

  • Furcape

    Built the foundation for a AB-testing system. It was later replaced but during its one year service it handled the AB-testing on bloglovin.com


Good Old AB

2009.11 — 2013.04

Worked as a full stack developer with mainly Drupal but also some WordPress. Got the opportunity to build several iPhone apps.

Sample Projects

  • Skane.com

    The concept of skane.com was that anyone could log in and create their own website. The contents of these sites were aggregated to a central site where it was indexed for search. All sites where built with Drupal and were managed using Ægir. The search index was managed using Solr. At its peak we had 600 Drupal sites in the network which I to a large degree was responsible for managing and updating.

  • Visitskane.com

    Helped build the first version of Visit Skåne. It looks more or less the same today. I was mainly responsible for building the backend bits which involved an import of event data from a third party system. This import was build as a Node.js application that regularly fetched new data from the event database. Events were then put into the Drupal site using a tailor made API.

  • Bondgårdskex

    The first iOS-application I built. A tiny toy app for kids. It launched together with a new kind of cookies from one of Sweden's largest cookie companies, Göteborgskex. The app was built using Cocos2D. Unfortunately it is no longer available on the App Store.

  • Handbolls-VM

    Built an app for the Handball World Championship. A hybrid app built with PhoneGap (renamed Cordova) to work on both iOS and Android.

  • Très Bien, popup store

    Built an iPhone app for the clothing store Très Bien. The app was a popup store that would award you with a free piece of clothing if you stood at the right place at the right time. The app talked to an API that fetched data about the locations and times that were "open". The GPS in the phone was used to determine if the user was legible for the prize.

  • Öresundskraft, Avbrottshjälpen

    An iOS-app for trouble shooting power outages in your house. Built the first version of the app (no longer available). A step-by-step guide which was defined as a JSON-file. The entirity of the app UI was data driven based on that JSON.

NimNim Digital Workshop

2008 — 2009.11

Did contract web work for about a year after a trip to Australia. Worked some with WordPress but mostly did static HTML/CSS with some PHP sprinkled on top. Unfortunately nothing from that era remains online. Had a big focus on webstandards and semantic HTML.